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Very rare

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Very rare

Very rare

XL / White

Moda X

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1455 Lake Avenue
Rochester NY 14615
United States


Design by Raf Reyes: the world of vRegatta is a thrilling and competitive arena that brings together sailors and boat enthusiasts alike, from all around the wVRld 🛥 ~ issa serie of boat races *often held over several days* where teams compete to be the fastest to cross the finish line. They can be held on lakes, rivers, or oceans (and often involve different classes of boats and varying wind conditions…). The atmosphere at a vRegatta is electric, with teams and spectators altogether vying for the thrill of the competition. Somebody wise told me one day: “I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul” 🙏®® 📿 | | | so go sailor, u MUST work in harmony with your boat and the sVRrounding elements :: to achieve success 🏆. It’ll vrequire a unique combination of physical and mental skills, but ultimately, issa celebration of the beauty and power of ⛵️ and the excitement of competition, creating an unforgettable experience no matter what for all parties involved. V®️R®®. one day. VERYRARE™. always ❤️

Very rare
Very rare Sale price$59.99